Looking young and acting old

Nothing makes me more sad than sluts on Instagram.

Seriously, it is a daily occurrence that I see young girls on Facebook wearing bucket loads of make-ups, holding cigarettes and bragging about underage drinking. I would be lying if I said I had never done those things because I did. Yes, I was a silly teenager and did silly things. But these girls are a new breed to me. The outfits they wear are just not outfits. They don’t wear ANYTHING. Maybe i’m just getting old, but at no age have I ever worn a crop top, shorts and a blazer and thought it was okay.

Now, not girls of this age behave like this. I know only a select few (in real life and on my instagram) who behave in such a way and it makes me so sad. They act in a strange immature-yet-old-before-their-time way, when it is evidentially plainly obvious they are the most insecure people around. It’s a big ploy for attention, and they get a kick form the ‘you’re so pretty hun xoxo’ that they get commented on every day.

I get told I look young pretty much every day. One of my pupils’ mother’s actually confused me for a student at stage school a few weeks back. The conversation when a bit like this;

8 YO STUDENT: This is my favourite club of the whole week!

ME: It’s my favourite club too *sarcastic cringe wink*

OTHER TEACHER: Shut up Beckie, it’s your only club

MOTHER OF 8YO: OH, don’t you have time for other clubs?

ME: Err… No. I have three jobs…

MOTHER OF 8YO: *confused face*

OTHER TEACHER: She’s a teacher. She’s not a student.

MOTHER OF 8YO: Oh, you look SO young!

At the time I was pretty unimpressed. Understandably as the oldest pupil I teach is 15. Yes I have chubby cheeks, yes I wear nike high tops. But I do not look 7 years younger than my actual age. In retrospect though, I would rather get ID-ed from now until my 30’s if it means I look like myself. I’d rather look young for my age and look natural, than go through the intense rigmarole that young girls go through of caking themselves in make up and spending hours choosing outfits to make them look older. Well, to make them THINK they look older. To me, they just look absurd, and to guys their age they just look like they’re asking for one thing only. Which at 17 I was never doing, and 22 I am still not doing.

I have neither the time or the money to create a new outward persona, and it makes me deeply sad that young girls sacrifice thei time, energy and money drawing on a face to be something they aren’t. I know first hand how hard it is to feel comfortable in your own skin (I still feel like this all the time) but some people need to learnt their are more important things in life. Educating oneself and being a good person should be higher on ones list of things to be doing in late teens than posting selfies and smoking roll-ups to look cool.

Maybe this is a phase girls have to go through to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. Maybe this is a lifestyle choice that they are totally happy with. I just believe a person’s personality is what makes them beautiful (cringe one direction link…), not how you actually look. I believe I have absolutely no ugly friends; my friends are all beautiful inside and out.

As the wise Dr Seuss says; Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.


About Beckie Burtenshaw

Nearly 22 with no life direction. Doing a bit of this and a bit of that, not much of too much and not enough of everything. Singing Teacher and Am Dram Lover.

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